Welcome to The Cities of Refuge - Dallas

We exist to SERVE. At The Cities of Refuge - Dallas, we are committed to restoration, a visual theme found in the in the Old Testament. .


We meet on Sunday's at 10:30 A.M. Most of us dress casually, but some of us like to dress up. The atmosphere is informal and friendly. The service usually lasts about 90 minutes. Afterward, people often hang around informally for a while and catch up over a cup of coffee. You’re welcome to join us.

Our service is all about worship of Jesus and includes music, prayer, Bible reading, and preaching. We emphasize what the Bible says about Jesus Christ and teach the relevance of the gospel message for today. We hope the service will be encouraging.

We meet to worship God, to learn from the Bible, and to care for one another. We hope you’ll join us!


We are located at 4801 Dolphin Road, Dallas, Texas 75223.